August 22, 2011

People Are The Reason

Yesterday, I got to see 46 people come to declare Jesus Christ as their Lord through the outward step of baptism. I'll be real honest, it is one of my favorite days of the year. Potentially, better than Christmas for me. I absolutely love the thought that a new member is on our team and that someone is so in love with Christ that they want to live and serve Him. Seriously, the pictures that I get to see and the stories that I have come to know about the people that get baptized is such an amazing testimony to the greatness and faithfulness of God and continually reminds me that it is so not about me.

This morning, as I was walking and watching the Sun rise up from blessing the other side of the Earth with its humble presence, I couldn't help but think about the "reason for the season." It's funny to me that when we celebrate Christmas and we, zealous Christians as we are, begin to declare to the world through our status updates, corny church signs, and regular good cheer, that "Jesus, is the reason for the season." It often makes me chuckle how fired up we can get about making sure that everyone and their brother knows that He is the reason for the season. But, maybe we are missing the point.

Yesterday, it was pretty clear that the day, or the season, was very much about people and their story in the Body of Christ. Them joining and declaring to the world that they belong to Jesus. The reason we gathered together to celebrate was people. Every person who was in the crowd of 1200 people were there to celebrate what 46 people were telling the world had taken place in their hearts. It just reminded me that the reason for any season is nothing other than People. More specifically, those that need to feel and know the Love of Christ.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 is a clear way of God relating to us that so much of our lives is saturated with more purpose than we could possibly process out and understand. So much of our lives is guided by the meaning that only He can give. But in the end, it is all pointed toward one goal: Glory to Him who calls and seeks that which has been driven away (People). The things we go through, the victories, the defeats, the toil, the pleasure, everything is all in the midst of the Lord's Purpose to reach His people.

The Reason for the Season is always: People.

"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven..."

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