July 21, 2010

Credentialing: A Test in the Little Things

I'm working on my credentialing in the Missionary Church and I am currently working through the questions that have to be answered about doctrine and my position on such things. There are 34 questions on this part of the questionnaire and each of them need good, solid scriptural support for each answer. Picture your Algebra and Pre-Calculus classes and the Word Problems and Test Questions that you had to show your work. It's like that only times 34 and showing your work actually has some worth to the answer.

At any rate, it is a tedious process that I have put off and put off. I've set a deadline of the end of this month to have this part of the process done and so it has become something of a daunting task that has been hovering over my head like that boss that simply would not let you complete the project that they gave you on your own.

After Summer Camp, one of Derry's messages pointed straight to my heart on this one because the fact is that if we want to see God do great things, awesome things, huge things, we have be diligent, responsible, good at completing the Little Things.

Is credentialing essential to doing ministry?
           No. If they were, everyone would have to have them.
Is credentialing a huge thing that when done changes my world?
           No. It only validates some things about me.
Is credentialing going to make me a better pastor?
           You dang betchya. It's a task that seems so insignificant at this point and I probably won't look back at it and say, "Wow, that changed my life." But it is a little thing that, when completed, will have done it's part in shaping me into who I am and who I will be.

Pray for me. It's going to be a tough couple of days, methinks.

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Anthony said...

Have fun with that whole process. Go figure, I went through with it, and then ended up taking a job in a different denomination. It is worth it though. Shoot me an e-mail if you need any pointers.