Follow me on your phone!

Here's how you can follow me on your phone via Twitter!

No Twitter account? No problem!

Are you a NEW Twitter user and want to start sending tweets from your mobile phone? Just follow the steps below from you phone to set up your brand new Twitter account and begin tweeting via SMS.
(Already have an account? You'll need to read our article about adding your phone vis SMS, or adding your phone via web for instructions.)

To create your new Twitter account...
1. Send a text message to your Twitter shortcode (such as 40404 in the U.S.) with the word 'START'
2. Twitter will send you a reply and ask you to reply with the word 'SIGNUP' to create a new account. Send 'SIGNUP'.
3. Next, Twitter will ask you to pick a username. Your username must be unique and less than 15 characters. Reply with the username you want (see below for advice on picking a username).
4. You will get a confirmation message when you pick a unique username (Twitter will tell you to pick a new name if someone else has the username you wanted).
5. Choose a password.
You're all set! Send a message and it will post as your first Tweet.

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To Follow via SMS:

For instance, if you'd like to follow @Geoffcocanower and get his Tweets delivered to your phone, send a message to your Twitter code with the command 'FOLLOW username', like so: FOLLOW GeoffCocanower If you do not follow @GeoffCocanower already, this command adds him to the list of people you follow and sends all of his Tweets to your mobile phone. If you already follow him, the command will simply make sure you get his Tweets on your mobile.