December 4, 2008


So I am sitting in Sales/Selling class and a typical occurrence at our Christian School has just taken place. That is the very typical devotion at the beginning of the class. However, this is the only class that I seem to usually have some huge concerns that arise out of the theme that tends to run through the devotion in this class.

It seems that our professor in this class tends to always refer back to the idea that seems to be something that has crept into the theology of some local churches and Christians' mindsets. The theme that is usually introduced is the idea that, "if you and a competitor or colleague are vying for a position or opportunity for sales, etc., and you continue to pray to God and believe that He is powerful, God will give you that job, sale, client, etc."

And of course every time that this is introduced to the class, class period after class period, I tend to tune out. And I don't tune out because I don't think that God is unable to accomplish this task. However, it is my belief that God has an ultimate plan for me that is meant for good, is perfect and is directed by Him. This ultimate plan does not mean that I will ALWAYS get the job that I desire; or that I will ALWAYS make the sale; or that I will ALWAYS be in a prosperous place in my life. And this has nothing to do with the vocation that I feel God has called me to. That said, I am interested to discuss many other topics with these people. I am thinking about approaching this professor sometime soon. I wonder how that would go.

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Amanda said...

I know what you're saying.

On a slightly related note: Maybe you should also consider asking God to align your will to His so that you will desire what he desires for you and then you will always get what you want. :-)