August 29, 2011

I'm Going Back to School

Well, it has happened.

I knew the day that I graduated from Bethel College that I would someday return to the classroom to further my education. It was apparent to me in my senior year that classes that intrigued me and had specific purpose to my end goal, excited me and were almost fun to attend. Additionally, I knew that I never wanted to stop learning about my field and ways to think about how to continue to refine my thoughts and perspectives. I think that I can thank my mom for that.

I also knew that I would be returning to the classroom on a beautiful spring day in a Communication Theory class with Scott Johnson. It was in Scott's class that I found myself intrigued with thought. Intrigued with the notion that being challenged in our thinking and challenging typical thought is so essential to developing a healthy perspective on the world and one of the best places for me to do that is the classroom.

So, I will step into my first Graduate course at BC on September 20 in an effort to accomplish a Masters in Ministry degree within the seven years I have to complete it. I'm anxious, but I'm excited. Can't wait to get started.

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