July 16, 2011

Senior High Camp To This Point

What an amazing couple of days here at Senior High Camp. I have been just blown away at how God has glorified Himself through some different situations and settings. Here are some of them:
  • Opening Session: So pumped to see how students responded to God's call to allow Him to have His way this week. What an amazing response to His Spirit!
  • Thursday AM TAWG debrief: So cool to hear how students heard from God and how they were able to share that word with the rest of the students.
  • Cedar Point: I was so pumped to pray with JT as he just saw how our students were interacting with each other and were so joyful in doing so that He wanted some of that. It was pretty sweet some of the conversations I was able to have as a product of our students being themselves so we could be we.
  • Friday AM TAWG Experience: How cool it was to see students and leaders engaging in God's Word and everything that He has for them. It was amazing to hear back from students and then to engage in worship as we all came together to praise Him. It seriously was awesome.
  • Friday PM Session: It's so cool to see how students and leaders react to the sure conviction of the Spirit of God. As much as it can be painful and difficult to hear, it can be so valuable in the process of becoming more like Him. He spoke very clearly tonight and revealed, to many, the things that He wants to correct. It was a powerful move tonight.
I can't wait to see how we continue to get closer to each other and closer to God in the coming couple of days.

Be praying for a continued move of His Spirit as we spend our last full day here at camp!

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