July 12, 2011

Something New for Camp

This year, we tried something new for Summer Camp to help aid parents and begin the conversation for students about what took place at camp. I thought that it was so good that I decided to share it with you!

After we arrived back at the church at 6:15pm (we timed our trip to camp so that we could make sure we were back in time), we gathered all of our parents and students together for one final session/commissioning. We had a number of students share, with parents present, some of the things that they thought were totally awesome, fun, the things they learned and some of their more impacting experiences. It was cool to hear the Junior High students put into words the things that they had experienced and be able to do so in front of their parents.

I was so pumped to see so many parents present to hear from their students on the things that took place at camp. I can't wait to see how this helps parents in the long run and how it changes the way that we do camp. One of the biggest obstacles of camps, retreats and other trips is the follow-up and accountability. We live in a day and age that suggests that parents are exempt from offering those two aspects of students' experiences. And at some levels, we can do our best to eliminate parents from that equation. But the reality is, if we are going to be a ministry that seeks to partner, aid and come alongside parents in their relationships with their students, this just makes sense.

I think that this element will change the impact of our camps and I can't wait to begin to make it even more effective.

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