April 28, 2011

The College Transition

Scripture says that there is a season for everything. A time for every matter under heaven. Unfortunately, in ministry, we seemed to have missed the boat on connecting some of the seasons in the human life together. The transition to college and the young adult phase of life have and continue to be some of the biggest gaping holes in the ministry of the church.

Well, every season must come to an end and our team is declaring an end to the season of no support for the high school senior transitioning out of high school and into the next phase of their lives. I give you a new little series we call, "Move."

It's very simple. Move is a collection of our graduates congealed into like-minded groups based upon the next phase in their life. Whether a student is pursuing their education at a state school, a private school, a Christian college, or the workforce, we are creating groups for the class of 2011.

We are going to meet on four Sundays with the intent of preparing students, through conversation with current students for the next phase in their lives. Addressing topics like:
-What should I expect?
-How do I manage myself and my parents?
-What ministries or church opportunities are available where I'm going?
-How do I deal with the social issues (sex, alcohol, drugs, life)?
While I can't tell you how this model will work in the long run, I can tell you that I'm excited to begin trying to find practical ways to better equip high school graduates for the next step in their life; one that they are most likely, ill-prepared for and have absolutely no idea what awaits them in the next year of their lives.

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