June 14, 2010

Many Days of Awesome Ministry

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Our connection is determined solely on the availability of electricity which usually takes place during prime ministry and debrief time. I am going to set aside some time to put some pictures up tomorrow afternoon when I am told the generator will be on.

Haiti is an awesome place with beautiful people. We have connected with so many kids and teenagers in our time here. The past couple days have been filled with a lot of relational ministry hut-to-hut, prayer ministry for the families of the church, working in a field, water fights, tarantulas named Fruit Loops and Alfred. All in all, it has been a fantastic couple of days.

Many of our students have discovered that the Haitian people are very ready to begin relationships and connect. Even many adults have let us pray with them and have pretty open conversations. The people here have a very interesting past in regards to relationship with Christianity. Many have heard of Christ, but don't accept him or don't accept him at this time. This was very interesting to run into, however, quite enlightening when we are talking about how people perceive the church.

All in all, the students are adjusting to the heat and the fatigue that it brings with little to no complaints, which is awesome. We have had a bit of some stomach stuff due to the change in food, but overall we are doing quite well! Pray that we can continue to make the transition and we can be at full strength for the days ahead!

VBS starts tomorrow and that means you'll get some pictures! Keep praying for God to use us in crazy ways we never thought possible!


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Tim Berkey said...

praying for you guys and can't wait to hear the stories!!! Miss you!