January 2, 2011

60 Days of Beauty Project: Day 33 - Catching Up with One Friend

So I didn't leave my house on New Year's Eve. And I'm cool with that. New Year's Day, I made plans to hang with a friend. A guy who I had lived with in my second semester at Bethel and on the same floor for a couple years in Brenneman.

We haven't talked in a while and that became somewhat apparent as we talked. We watched football and went on an ice cream date, talking about the way that our lives and our friends' lives have coarsed through time since school.

It was a moment to reconnect with a friend. It was a moment to reclaim parts of a relationship somewhat lost.

I'm thankful for a friend like Derek and the reality that no matter how long it has been since we last talked, I was blessed by the beauty of the grace to which we were able to simply reconnect.


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