December 12, 2010

60 Days of Beauty: Day 12

I would hate to miss one, so I'm post-dating this one and making up for lost time. And since I'm the author, I can do that.

Saturday's can be somewhat of a mess of a day. I don't do very well when there isn't necessarily a plan in place for what I want to accomplish. Yet, even in the midst of that lack of planning, there is a hint of planning that I view every time I open my eyes.

See, the simple fact that I wake up in the morning is something of beauty to me. There is something beautiful in the recognition that I don't deserve to be alive. There is something beautiful in the fact that everything that exists, does so for the glory of God. And as we begin to recognize this more and more, we can begin to see how He has already ordered everything in the world and has allowed us the grace to be able to exist in the midst of that order.

I didn't wake up looking for His provision, but it quickly became apparent, in a number of ways, how beautiful His sovereignty truly is when you allow it to determine how you view the world.

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