December 11, 2010

60 Days of Beauty Project: Day 11

This is going to seem narrow and hard to see, however, it speaks to a couple things going on right now in high school sports that I think is the most unhealthy deterioration of something meant to enrich the lives of students.

Last night, I made my return to the announcer's stand at McCuen Gym. So this was my first chance to see the fans and the place that was near and dear to me for so many years.

But last night was somewhat of a bummer for most of the game for me. Not for any new reasons that I have grown to become very skeptical about high school sports, but the simple fact that adults were no longer acting like adults. The reality is that when it comes to sports or competition in general, adults can be the worst proponent of unsporting behavior and a lack of integrity all because of a simple game.

I'm pretty sure that the first 3 whistles on Concord were followed by a massive group of adults "boo-ing" officials for their assessment of the situation on the floor.The same was true of the Penn fans, however, due to their distinctly smaller size, was not near as obvious. Maybe I'm a bit biased, however, this attitude and activity towards the officials or the opposing coaches continued for the duration of the ballgame.

I sat in last night's game and really pondered my involvement with the organization and whether I can really support something I no longer have respect for or believe is accomplishing anything good in the world. Is it actually helping boys become men? Is it actually an extension of the classroom (that could probably be a whole litany of posts)? Is this even worth my time?

But then a glimmer of hope! See, the two active most prolific coaches in the area were coaching and right about the end of the 3rd quarter, I began to notice them and their actions. While they weren't happy with some of the things taking place on the floor, they coached their boys up; they did their jobs and did them well. It was apparent that they had gotten it right.

Now, I don't know what biases there are regarding Al Rhoades or Steve Austin, but they got it. They understood the beauty of the venue of athletic competition and the ability to teach so much more about life in that arena.

So, the coaches got it. Now, if we can just get those stinking fans to understand.


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