August 22, 2010

The Keller Park Dessert Reception!

So my dear friends, Kory and Alison are hosting a dessert reception to inform, entertain and share vision for their ministry in Keller Park for the upcoming year. Their also thanking everybody who have supported them by making cookies (and desserts [Kory wanted me to tell you that there will be things other than cookies]). Yes, that's probably the only reason that I will make it a priority to attend, besides the fact that I love these two, but seriously, I'm hungry, so I'm going. Just kidding, kinda.

Anyway, you should think about going. It's will most likely be a grand time with Kory making at least 3 outlandish and outrageous comments that we will most likely want to record and watch again and again and Alison laughing at him because that's what she does.

But really seriously, It's next Monday, August 30th at 7pm in the YMC Upper Level at the church and you should attend if you have supported, are thinking about supporting, or are just interested in why I would make fun of these two so veraciously in trying to convince you to come. Yes, it will be worth your time.

See you there!


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