August 23, 2010

Interesting Revelation that I Need to Grasp

I was recently at NorthWood (for the out of staters, that's the closest high school to my church) for the football chapel that takes place before each game. It's pretty sweet to see these guys get together and really prepare for the game. But that's not what made me realize some things.

In my time here at NMC, I have experienced a ton, done a bunch of different things and made a lot of connections. But, when I was at the school on Friday, I had a number of students who came up to me and said, "Geoff, what are you doing here?"

It kind of took me back a bit, but I responded with a normal, "Oh, just here to pick up an All-Sport Pass and heading to chapel." (at least it seemed normal to me) It wasn't until I got out to my car that it started to set in a little bit, but I left the school and recognized something:
If I'm going to call students to do something different in their school, what am I going to do different to support them being different in their school?
See, I've been really good (I think) at making connections with students that come through my doors on Wednesday Nights and Sunday Mornings but I've never really been good about getting out of my little box here at the church and engaging students through their doors. And even as I've gotten ready for a year where we ask students to do something different, to be different, to act different, to talk to different people, but I haven't done anything different.

This stops now.

What are some ways that you need to be different?


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