September 30, 2011

A Fantastic Post that You NEED to Read

Brad Lomenick, one of the guys who puts together Catalyst Conference, wrote a fantastic post regarding how to lead Millenials. It doesn't just speak to leading, but it also offers some insight into relating to us. A couple of my favorite observations:

4. Cause is important. Tie in compassion and justice to the “normal.” Causes and opportunities to give back are important.
5. Embrace social media. it’s here to stay.
6. They are more tech savvy than any other generation ever. Technology is the norm. XBOX, iPhones, laptops, iPads are just normal. If you want a response, text first, then call. Or DM first. Or send a Facebook message. Not anti calls though.
7. Lead each person uniquely. Don’t create standards or rules that apply to everyone. Customize your approach. (I’ll admit, this one is difficult too!)
Check it out the rest here.

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