November 6, 2009

Friday Thoughts: Everything is Meaningless...

So, I have been studying Ecclesiastes for the past week or so, and I am convinced that Solomon would not have been a very good counselor. I mean, here's a guy that was known as the wisest man to ever live and spits out this book, authors many proverbs, a number of the psalms not to mention every newlywed's favorite book, Song of Songs. I mean come on, the heir of David. DAVID. Not his thrid son or something, who killed for the right of heir. This is David's son. The King of Israel. And all this guy can do is reflect on the meaninglessness of everything!

As much as Solomon offers a number of reasons and examples as to why everything under the sun is meaningless, Solomon allows us to see some huge insights into the meaning of life. Even through his, seemingly, negative or cynical rants about the things of this world, there is one obvious theme: We should forget about all the things that seem to dominate our lives in this world and focus on things that further the kingdom of God. What are we doing today that will bring us and those around us closer to Heaven? Closer to Christ?

One way that we do that is by simply loving. Not loving people to the point that they want to see Jesus. Just loving. And sometimes love comes in many different forms: attention, money, sending a note, etc. However, the biggest way that we can bring people closer to Christ is simply by "BE-ing" who He has created us to be.

One of the ways that you can express God's love is by participating in the KIN Silent Auction that will begin next week at NMC and online at and share LOVE with an area of the world that needs to feel LOVE. Our Senior High Pastor, Derry has posted a great informational post on how you can get involved.

Quick Clarification on LOVE: I want to clarify that I don't mean LOVE with strings attached. Christ never said, I want you to feed the homeless and then tell them that they need to accept your version of Jesus. He never said even told the woman at the well that she needed to "accept [him]" and then sin no more. He loved her and told her to sin no more. By "BE-ing" sometimes we just need to offer that sandwich, offer that TV for that auction, spend time with that widow, and just BE there for what God has given you the opportunity for.

May we "BE" who God has created us to be and follow those passions, promptings, and desires today. May we understand and accept the situations that he has made us to BE in.


Joel said...

1. He wasn't Davidi's 3rd son...he was his 5th or something. I'm not for sure...but he was way down on the list.

2. The context of Ecclesiastes is that he wrote it in his old age after pursuing all the things that didn't matter. At this point, he's not an "heir" he's more of an older man reflecting on the folly of his decisions.

See you soon :)

Amanda said...

these are some good thoughts. I especially like the end with your clarification on love. Love should be, as you very clearly put it, with no strings attached, and I think a lot of people get caught up in Evangelism and forget that if we simply love as God would, then evangelism has taken place already.

Geoff Cocanower said...


The point is not to see him in the context of the heir but to realize that this guy was David's heir at one point. He had much to do with the current society, he had much to do with the way things were. In essence my point is to bring to light the passivity that Solomon had during his life. It's not my point to say that he is writing these thoughts AS the heir to the throne...

but thanks for leaving your comment.

Amanda- Our definition of Evangelism has become slightly jaded in some contexts. This is especially true in more zealous communities. It's one thing to believe that what you or your church is doing is beneficial to the Kingdom of God and could be beneficial to any person. it's another thing to think that your church is going to save that person and if they aren't part of what you are doing they are going to Hell.