May 14, 2011


So, many proms have taken place and parents and pastors alike all across the country get just a little nervous and minds race every time their phones ring. Tonight, two of our local schools are hosting their proms. But, forget all of that. I'm pumped!

Tonight, boys have the opportunity to be men. Girls have the opportunity to be women. It's a very obvious moment in a student's life to grow up a bit. To grow up a lot and make responsible, wise decisions. Decisions that we know that they can make. Decisions that they know they should make.

Reality is this: We aren't going to stop Prom, or everything that is going to take place at and around Prom from happening necessarily. We aren't going to stop all the students from making their decisions. So, I look at the situation and I have decided to get pumped about the potential this evening poses.

So, BOYS- Step up and be Men.
GIRLS- Step up and be Women.

I think tonight has the potential to be an awesome night. I hope you have a ton of fun and we get to celebrate soon!

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