September 8, 2011

A Change to Mark Change

As I enter this new season of my life and a new season of ministry, I am making some changes on the blog here as well. Not to mention the fact that Derry changed up his design and I thought to myself, "You know, self, it has been quite a while since we changed anything on the blog." So, thus explains the change. More changes might come, but this is it for now.

As I make these changes, the focus of my thoughts are going to change slightly as well. I find myself in a few arenas of thought as I pursue this next season and because of my desire to excel in each arena, I am going to focus many of my thoughts in the following areas:
  • Youth & Youth Development - It's pretty clear that this will never be something that falls far from my heart. The ways that we come beside students and their families is so important to nearly everything that I do. It will always remain near the center of my passions. This may range from youth in general, to youth ministry. 
  • The Church - I'm a part of it and my heart is so gripped by seeing it spurred into action, it will always be a major part of my thoughts. This encompasses NMC and the larger context of the Church as well.
  • High School and just beyond - In the short time that I have been in ministry (going into my 4th year at NMC), I have been refined by the opportunities that I have been so blessed to be involved with. Furthermore, these activities have continued to refine my specific calling in life and helped to focus me on life in High School and, primarily, the college experience. Both were so constructive in making me who I am today and I view them as some of the most critical times in a persons life, I have developed a significant passion to see students successfully navigate those transitions. 
  • A few other randoms - Sports, Officiating, Scriptural Things, and Life Developments will always be hallmarks to my thoughts, so don't be surprised when those come up every now and again.
I'm excited about the next season in my life and in ministry. Come join me on the journey!

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