August 7, 2011

It's Been Busy Lately...

Three camps down. Zero to go.

What an amazing ride it has been. God is so good and He is faithful, even in the details.

Over the last two months, I have led in capacities I have never led before, I have been challenged in ways I've never been challenged before, and through it all, I have seen God in ways that I have never seen before. I have learned so incredibly much and have experienced so much, as well. Here are some of the snippets:
  • Planning will never be perfect, but an imperfect plan is still better than no plan.
  • Adults who are willing to invest are more priceless than any form of money. Treat them with intense care and love and they will treat your students that way. Treat them otherwise and they will treat you otherwise.
  • Nothing can compare to a 20-minute power nap in the middle of an eight day camp. 
  • Tradition that divides is not worth keeping. Change is required when "the way things have always been" only brings division and deviation from the focus of Jesus.
  • No one person can run an entire camp, however, a dedicated team of willing hearts will see the face of Christ.
  • Plans are created to be changed when the Spirit of God moves.
  • When you don't know, pray.
  • When you do know, pray.
  • When you are unsure, pray.
  • When you are sure, pray.
  • Satan has never, will never, and cannot even come close to having the Power that the Holy Nation that follows Jesus Christ has. It's time that we claim that Power and that Dominion and claim the Earth for the Lord yet again.
  • Experience breeds confidence.
  • Brokenness breeds humility.
  • Pride breeds hurt.
  • Faith is displayed in our desire to fight our flesh as we pursue Jesus.
  • The only worthy reward for our battle against our flesh is the unadulterated presence of God, the Father.
  • Sometimes "Go" means "Stay."
  • Diets are not easily maintained during camps.
  • Jesus is the story.
  • Jesus is the object lesson.
  • Jesus is the reward.
  • Jesus is that much.
  • Jesus is enough.
  • Jesus is Jesus.
  • Jesus is.
The past few weeks, almost two months, have been some of the most refining, calling defining, empowering days of my life. I am so excited to answer the question, "What will you do next?"

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