July 11, 2011

Junior High Camp Day 3

What a really cool day today.

We started out in our TAWG Experience this morning where students went around to different stations to be able to connect with God in different ways and with a different focus for each station. It was so cool to see students worshipping together on the lakeside, discovering how they put God in a box, discovering our priorities and many more. It was a great time for students to engage God on a very practical, personal level. So cool.

This afternoon, we headed out to Kalahari Waterpark and had a blast! Students were going down water slides, hanging out in the wave pool and having a ton of fun in the Toilet Bowl ride. It was so cool.

Tonight, we experienced worship like we never have before. Seriously, I think that the police stopped by for noise ordinance stuff. Ok, so it wasn't the police but the security guy from the neighbor was definitely coming by to check things out. It was so sweet. Then, God spoke through Pastor Chris to challenge us to be "All-in" for Jesus. To make Him Greater Than everything in our lives. I am so excited to see how these students who came to camp as ordinary Junior Highers and are going to return to their homes as World Changers because they recognized that God is Greater Than everything they face everyday and that God is inside of all of them.

PARENTS: BE SURE TO JOIN US TOMORROW NIGHT @ 6:15pm in the Connection Gym. We will be sharing some of the themes and the things that God has been teaching us throughout camp. You won't want to miss it and it will be a great opportunity to help your students hit the "ground" running when they get back from camp. Many things have happened here at camp; we want to share some of them with you.

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