July 10, 2011

Junior High Camp Day 2

What an amazing day today! We had so many awesome things going on today! We started today by coming to understand the theme of GREATER TOGETHER. Sometimes it gets real hard to understand just how bad we need to depend upon each other as we seek to follow after Christ. Some of the activities from today included:
  1. The Great Relay Race- You can see all of the pictures from it in the DAY 2 Pictures that Pastor Chris will post on the Facebook Page.
  2. Crud Wars- It sounds messy because it is messy. What a ton of fun. It was really totally awesome. I couldn't believe how much fun we had throwing all kinds of different elements at each other. It was truly a sight!
  3. Lake Time/Free Time- This is always a ton of fun and a great way to cool off after a hot day. We took full advantage of that!
  4. God > ________- God is stirring in the hearts of students and leaders alike. It is so cool to see how students are recognizing the areas of their lives that have taken a place that is greater than God. I know I can't wait to see how this changes their focus for this week.
Things are cooking here at Junior High camp and I can't tell you how pumped I am to see how these students respond to the Word of God tomorrow night as we continue to see how God is Greater Than.

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