July 9, 2011

Greater Than

I've been at camp since yesterday afternoon. I can already feel the rush of the wind and the beautiful sight that is Lake Erie from this view. I'm still convinced that this is clearly the only good thing in Ohio, save for the Pro Football Hall of Fame and maybe the whole town of Cincinatti, but that's a much different matter.

I'm praying this week that...

...We would know God as Greater
... We would meet with Him
... We would begin to see our place in relationship to what He did
... That true submission to God and His Will would reign in the hearts of us all
... That God would rain down His Spirit like never before and...
... That we would never be able to forget the truth that is His Glory

Tonight is all about God and His Greatness. Nothing more and nothing less.... May His spirit RAIN OVER US TONIGHT!!

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