June 6, 2011

Life Thought: Lessons from a Couple Rounds of Golf

I went and played 27 holes of golf in 48 hours, all while walking. Not something that I do on a regular basis, if you know what I mean. And although it felt like my left knee was going to explode after both rounds, I was so refreshed by the experience. Besides the summer of my sophomore year, I never have played that much golf. But the game reminds me of a few things that apply in everyday life:

1. Repetition is Good Practice - I had an orchestra director once tell me that practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. I agree. But, repeating the same motion and having to think through your mechanics can be critical in developing a effective game.
2. Good Analysis of "Soreness" is a Good Indicator - There are two things that you can recognize from sore muscles and joints: 1) A indication of your endurance. 2) How hard you actually were pushing yourself. The reality is, we can do just about anything in life and not get anything out of it that pushes us to a new level of understanding/development/faith. And if it doesn't push us, it may not be worth it. If God is continually changing us, we should continually feel change (soreness) from the experience.
3. Being Outdoors is Refreshing - I dough not care if you are sitting in a chair on your deck in the middle of a farm field or you are on the top of your apartment building in the middle of New York. Being outdoors is simply life-giving and refreshing.

I'm not sure I will play 27 holes in 48 hours again, but I do intend to continually find myself outside whenever I can this Summer. Where will you be most of this Summer?

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