December 8, 2010

60 Days of Beauty Project: Day 8

Last night our staff got together and had what you might call a Christmas Party. As with any Christmas party, there was a meal, laughter and of course those awkward moments when "Did that just happen" is the only appropriate phrase for what was taking place.

The coolest thing, to me about those DTJH moments are they are usually out of someone's good heart to either make a joke, poke wholesome fun at someone, or to just change the mood a bit. They are moments where the person committing the DTJH moment is simply trying to add their character, wit, personality to the night. Most times, that is exactly what they were told to do and their attempt to make their mark on the night.

Last night, we had those moments, but what was so cool to me was that I got yet another picture of the Body of Christ. Sure, we laughed about it, some even at it. Sure, I leaned over the person next to me and said, "Did that just happen?" Yet, in the end, it was another beautiful expression of the Body of Christ in a group that loves each other and knows the importance of having us all together.

See the thing is, I've seen beauty before in the Body of Christ. It's been my last two posts in this series. But sometimes the angle that we see it from can get skewed; it can get changed. So much so that we can begin to see that object in a different light. It can be a moment of seeing something that is ugly and seeing it beautifully.

Change your angle, change your view so you can find more of the beautiful things God has placed in our midst.

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