February 11, 2010

Non-existent Days Off vs. Existent Days Off

I am completely and totally blessed with a paid day off from my job. It really is like a day that forces me to stop with the brainstorming, meetings and monotony that can become doing "work" all the time. So, in short, they help me stop processing things from the office. "Days off" offer me the opportunity to be quite introspective and focused on my relationship with Jesus and my personal relationships that exist outside of my ministry.

Over the past few weeks, I have had a lot of things that were running around in my head like hamsters around those giant wheels (I never really grasped the point of that whole exercise). I was so stressed that I stopped realizing the value of a true DAY OFF. I replaced days off with "opportunities to get more done." The problem, however, that I began finding, was I never ceased to be working; I never, truly, stepped away from the office for about three weeks straight. And it was a grueling few weeks. I never realized the detriment that it may have caused me, my ministry and those I was ministering to until today.

Today, I have had a very good day off and the reason originates, largely, out of my ability to wake up this morning and truly unplug from all the stress and "office stuff" that still resides on my desk. I woke up, did laundry (that had sat on the dining room table for about 3 1/2 weeks. Gross I know. I won't host dinner anytime soon.), worked out, had lunch with a friend, took some time to study (for myself), go to a BC basketball game, hang out with a pretty intriguing person, and truly recharge on my day off. I have never felt more productive.

I guess the big lesson that I wish to share with you is simple.
You can't expect to accomplish Kingdom goals if you aren't taking directions from the King.
That is pretty elementary, I know. But, it still remains true. If I am constantly running and running and running and I don't look to see where I am at, or see where I am going, or receive the direction that I need to know where to go from there, I could run right off a cliff!

Take some time this weekend to have a "day off."
Unplug from your "office," completely.
Network with the one who will give you everything.
You'll be glad you did.

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