January 25, 2010

What a crazy couple of days!

I have been so swamped lately! I am beginning to feel like I am right in the thick of things here at NMC. What's more is how God is teaching me in the midst of the craziness. My days in the office seem to fly by and yet God still teaches. Pretty sweet.

I am reminded this week that I have to be able to put priority on the more urgent matters that are pressing for my time. When it comes down to it, what is going to happen tomorrow is much more important than anything that is going to happen next week. I need to be diligent in making "tomorrow" things happen on time and "next week" things happen next week.

I have never been more busy with things in my life and yet, I find myself pressing further into His Love and Grace. It's only in those moments that I can find true peace in the hustle and bustle.

Just some thoughts for the dedicated readers! After this little rainstorm, I'll be back to more regular blogging. Until then, pray for strength and commitment to His cause. Woohoo! :)

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