May 3, 2011

Divider or Unifier?

Every day, we get a choice. In any moment, we have the opportunity to be a part of something or we have the option to do our best to divide that opportunity. We all have the choice to unify or divide. Let me unpack that a bit.

Because we breathe and can speak, we have influence and have the opportunity to change someone's mind as to the state of the world. We do this by offering our perspective on the current situation(s) in the world that is derived from our worldview. And we have the opportunity each day to allow this influence, this perspective to unify or divide those that we choose to share it with.

And the reality is that this can be done in very miniscule ways. It can be as simple as the status or tweet that we send out in the morning regarding the fact that "this day of meetings is going to suck (divisive)" or "what a beautiful day! (unifying)." On the other hand, it can be as blatant as your public response to a proposition; the way that you choose to make a decision and trumpet it to the world around you. Each has it's ability to unify or divide.

This has become so important in these days because of the critical spirit that has seemed to permeate our culture and by doing so infiltrated the Church. Every person has their opinion (whether founded or unfounded) as to what the Christian life should look like, what programs exist in the church, the format for which we do things, and how pastors and the local church prepare the saints for ministry.

So, as it pertains to your day... what will you be today? A Unifier or a Divider? I'm going to do my best to unify. I won't be perfect, but I'm sure going to try.

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