February 22, 2011

Current Lessons in Life

I'm in a season of intensity. It is a season that I sometimes long for to be over. It is a season of questions; a season of discernment; a season of refinement. Yet, I am learning some crazy, fantastically tremendous truths about Jesus and the ministry that He wants me to lead:
  1. Grace and Mercy are always more motivating in students' lives for long-term effect.
  2. The testimony of His Church is the Glory of God in and through us. 
  3. His Death and Resurrection is enough to allow me to have life and life to the full.
  4. Because of all of these, no person gets a pass on reaching the masses and being His witnesses. 
It is my prayer that I never get so lost in theology and doctrine so as to lose the redeeming truth of the Gospel of Christ, which, in it's purest form, that is living in us and continually molding us, can transform lives and save the entire world from certain death.

He doesn't need a flashy, good-looking celebrity to save the world.

He needs You.
He needs Me.
All of You.
All of Me.
To need All of Him.
To show All of Him.

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