January 13, 2011

Some things I have learned about Vision

Last night, we revisited our vision for the upcoming semester when it comes to prayer and our role in interceding on behalf of Teens in Crisis and those being Trafficked around the globe. You can find out more by visiting www.stopredlights.com. But, I have recognized a couple things about communicating vision.

1) Your "crystal" may not be "crystal."
We put our best communicator on the stage. We even made it interactive. But we still had a few hiccups. A process that, at the outset, we thought was pretty crystal clear, clearly was not. Made me recognize that sometimes even the most clear messages can be clouded by distractions and some tweaks that could be worked out.

2) Repetition never gets old unless it is just repetitive. 
The reality is, when you bring 5th-12th graders together to communicate the vision that God has laid on your hearts, you can't communicate the vision enough. It is going to benefit more students to repeat yourself a couple of times to make sure that each student has an understanding of what is going on. And as long as you are coming up with a different way to communicate that vision each time, you will most likely be effective. However, if you are just saying the same thing over and over, you aren't being effective. You're being annoying. Make sure to revisit vision, but keep it fresh.

3) Vision rarely can be communicated in a single moment or meeting.
Last week, we had somewhere around 350 students sign up to pray on a certain day of the week. But we asked them to commit to an entire semester. If we want vision to be carried through to the end of the semester, it's pretty obvious that we are going to have to revisit that vision multiple times throughout the duration of that semester. Who knows, by doing that perhaps we get 500 "pray-ers" simply by revisiting vision.

Just some things that I have been picking up on and figured it might be worth sharing!


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