January 28, 2011

Inisghtful Stuff from Don Miller Today

Yesterday, I cleared all of my unread blogs by either reading them or by simply pressing the "mark all read" button. So because of that, I can get on and only feel the pressure of reading like 8 blogs in the morning. This morning I ran across this one by Don Miller. It was very insightful. Here's a quote to get your to check it out:

Do you want to be more professional? Commit to shaving every day (Please. Especially if you are in your twenties, because while you think it looks novel and unique, it actually looks like an identity crisis and it’s costing you) and sending your clothes to the dry cleaner once a month. And add to that finish the work you’re supposed to finish. Want to find romance? Commit to asking a girl out once a week (talk to Henry Cloud if you think that’s too much) or, if you’re a girl, put yourself on a dating site on the internet and say yes when you get asked out. Don’t commit to an idea, commit to a tangible act you can check off of a list.
Insightful stuff awaits you!


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Rita said...

Good words of wisdom! He's a smart man! :)