January 14, 2011

60 Days of Beauty: Day 45 - He is God of All (Even the Details)

This one is not something that I can only credit on one day. The reality is that He proves this almost every day. However, Thursday, God showed off, again, and proved, again, that He has the details figured out as well.

How often we doubt Him.
How often we settle for freaking out.
How often we rely on Him, lastly, instead of relying on Him firstly.

Sure, we are just planning for an event. But, it's the little things that we tend to miss Him the most. We fail to recognize Him in the smallest of things. We count on Him only for the biggest, most daunting of tasks.

Over the past few days, I cannot ignore His presence to provide and make His plan perfect while showing Himself faithful and displaying the beauty of His divine providence.

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