December 4, 2010

60 Days of Beauty Project: Day 4

Like father, like son.

How many times have we heard that one? I think that if I had a quarter for the times that I had heard that, I would have probably forty-seven dollars and fifty cents. It's a saying that had a mainstay in the American lexicon but has seen it's space get leased to the statement, "I wonder if his father is around." That could be a blog post for another time, but it came to my mind when I came back from lunch yesterday.

Typically, the gym that my office looks out towards is empty and dark. That is, unless someone is trying to scare me half to death. However, yesterday was a different story. I returned to find a father spending time with his son. They both enjoy sports and were just hanging out playing catch with the football and shooting some hoops. It was so cool to see.

Funny to think that this image has become more of the exception than the rule; dads spending time with their sons; sons spending time with their dads. But this Project isn't about calling out what needs to be changed in our society, church or social circles. It's about what is Beautiful. Isn't the bond between a father and his son such a beautiful thing.

I look at the ultimate example of the bond between father and son that is portrayed in God and Jesus Christ. Those times that Jesus went off to spend time in solitude so He could spend time with the Father, I wonder what they looked like. Yesterday, I think I got a glimpse of what might have taken place.


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