December 3, 2010

60 Days of Beauty Project: Day 3

I think that I'm caught up now. I'm actually really excited about this whole project that Derry has started. There are a number of other folks with blogs and twitter accounts that are doing this as well. You should think about checking them out here. It's going to be a bountiful harvest of the beauty that God has already infused into our world.

So, Day 3:

Thursdays are my day off. They are a day to unwind, rest and process my own personal life and all that that entails. Some Thursdays are extremely sophisticated and packed. Others are quite empty of hustle and bustle and errands. Yesterday was one of those days.

My housemate commented yesterday at about 8:00pm, when I was getting ready to leave to pick up a pizza, "This is the first you have left the house today, isn't it?" He was right. I didn't leave the house yesterday save for the 12 minutes it took to get my pizza. Some might say that that is a waste of a day. I disagree. It was something beautiful.

I was reminded yesterday that God doesn't desire for me to do a bunch of things. He doesn't desire for me to be constantly busy. He desires me to accept His love. He desires me to recognize that I don't need to do anything except for what pleases Him. Yesterday, rest and recuperation were what He desired from me.

Yesterday didn't look impressive. But the unlimited time to rest in His grace is impressively beautiful.


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