August 28, 2010

A Tough Year Ahead

Been thinking tonight about the future and the things that are upcoming for me in this year. Man, am I excited, overwhelmed, humbled, clouded, blessed and confident, in everything in place for the next year.

I'm excited because I see so many Senior High Students taking steps of faith that, at times, challenge me to take steps in my own faith. A number of students have already recognized their mission field and have begun to step out of their comfort zones to reach those that have yet to be reached. Even in their own backyard. It's pretty cool to observe and watch.

I'm overwhelmed in so many ways. God is challenging me. My role is overwhelming. The status of the ministry and the need to operate at a high level is colossaely present at all times and trying to learn the ropes in the midst of it is stressful at many times. It has been a challenge to get things moving and I am pretty certain it will take a great deal of organization and time to continue to move the ship in the direction it needs to go.

I'm humbled because my God has put me in a place to be mentored, taught and given me the opportunity to grow in so many ways while here at NMC. I don't know what God's doing (who does, really?), but I'm so pumped to see what it is and how insignificant I can continue to become.

I'm clouded because my future is pretty cloudy. This year will be difficult because I'm not sure what my next step is in ministry. Whether it is at NMC or elsewhere or otherwise is in question. My process of getting from point A to point B (whatever that point is) is not quite clear. But the beauty of this whole thing is that I operate best when I don't know what's next. I tend to seize the moments that I have in order to maximize my effectiveness. Let's hope that's what this is. The cloud is quite a far way off. Maybe by the time I think I'm going to hit the cloud, it will be gone again!?

I'm blessed because I am being used by God. He has chosen me and continues to mold me. He has opened up opportunities for me to be able to minister to so many different people. I just pray that I'm willing to be able to follow where He leads next!

I'm confident that I'm doing the right thing, because I'm confident in the One who sends me. A lot of the decisions I have made in the most recent portion of my life have been ones of challenge to a number of people who I care deeply for and care deeply for me. But in the end, I know that He has a plan and has begun a Good work in me and promises to carry to its completion. God is Faithful and I will continue to follow after Him, no matter what that looks like.

What about you? What words describe the vision you have for the upcoming year? Is it a bright future? What brings you apprehension for this school year?


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