August 27, 2010

The Moving Process of Acheiving Goals

So, as part of my new Friday schedule, I will be working, heavily on my credentialing. It is a not so fun process, but it has been very refining and it is one of my goals to get it done. I'm also moving this weekend. These two events coupled together got me thinking about my life and I thought I would share.

When we make goals, we tend to make lofty goals; goals that we have to do something extra in order to attain. We do this because we want to be better; we want to see a high level of success. But where we run into the problem is when our process is just as lofty as our goals.

Think of our process like the moving process. If I try to put everything into one box, two things are going to happen: 1. The box is probably going to break. 2. I'm going to break. I would liken this situation to trying to meet this lofty goal in one weekend. Trying to lose 60 pounds in one weekend, probably isn't going to be very good. Finishing all of my homework in one hour on Monday morning at 7:00am when school starts at 8:00am. Probably not going to accomplish much.

Sometimes we try the opposite. We only put a couple things in a box and they are just a couple of books and a couple flashlights. Moving will take forever and the box is basically wasted because we could have easily fit more books or at least a few of the DVD's in that box. We don't accomplish enough of the goal in this situation.

In all of this we must recognize that if we are trying to lift a refrigerator box all by ourselves, we probably aren't going to be very successful. But, I'd venture a guess that just about anybody can lift a paper box full of stuff.

When it comes to this goal of finishing credentialing, I'm not sure that I even had a box made, but I also know that the boxes I had made were huge. I have recently been able to redefine them and make them better sized and I have experienced a lot of relief because of it.

What about you?
How big are your boxes?
Are they a little too big? Too small? Just right?


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