August 24, 2010

Teachable Tuesday: Being Discipled

There are times in our lives where we want to live life footloose and fancy free. There are times in our lives where we desire responsibility. And sometimes we desire some sort of instruction in our lives. Maybe these aren't just seasons, but they are areas of our life that we desire to have someone audibly and directly give us some instruction or teaching. Think I'm making this up? Do you go to church? That's what I thought.

Recently, I was meeting with Derry and there were a couple of things that we needed to talk about with regard to some of those areas in my own life. Areas where I needed to see someone just tell me that this was how it was going to be. I needed to hear from someone of superior wisdom and discipline that these things needed to just get put on the "done" list.

It's funny, because things like reading my Bible, spending time with Jesus and completing tedious tasks should be something that is so easy to grasp and apply discipline to my life. And yet, discipline is one of the most difficult things to see in our lives. It is pretty clear that the rebellion that I so desperately try to refute continues to be present. Thankfully, I have people in my life that have been given the responsibility to help sharpen me and allow discipline to be introduced into my life.

What about you?
What do you do to see discipline introduced into your life?

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