November 22, 2010

Quick Hits from the Weekend

I had a pretty good weekend. Here are some quick hits:

  • I really like College Basketball. I'm not ready to end Football Season, but I really like College Basketball.
  • I have been incredibly blessed with the best family of friends that anyone could possibly ask for. We may not be able to make decisions together, but we can definitely have fun together and push each other.
  • While the role that people play in our lives can change over time, their importance and weight in our lives rarely change.
  • The reality that there will be an end looms in the distance. 
  • I'm freaking blessed.
  • I have strong opinions but I can most definitely be wrong.
  • I enjoy weekends that the Bears don't play.
  • I really don't like Tom Brady. Like at all. 
  • I'm sharing in the Big House on Wednesday at Communion. (Ok, that's in the future, but I was thinking about it a lot this weekend.)
  • God is Good.
  • God is Faithful. We are not.
  • Ball Tag really isn't that bad of a game.
  • My mind can make my heart hurt when my heart knows that He's in control.
  • If I add anymore to my list, I will have nothing to write about in my Moleskine. And I need a new one of those.
  • The Apple Store is not totally overpriced. Just those $499.99 speakers.
  • I had a post of mine posted by Josh Griffin on his blog He seems really cool and has a pretty sweet ministry. You can see the post here.
How was your weekend? Was it epic?


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