November 2, 2010

It's time to speak up

I've recently been in a couple of conversations that have gotten me thinking about how we have gotten about speaking truth into people's lives and, honestly, I think we've gone soft. What's more, I think that students have taken after us and begun to get really scared about speaking truth. I think there can be a number of reasons why, but here is my short list:
  1. We don't want to hurt their feelings. - What a huge crock of crap! Isn't the whole point of speaking truth into someone's life is to abruptly interrupt their current view and perspective of life as they see it and help them readjust more according to what reality is or what reality should be?
  2. We're not confident that we're right. - Sometimes, we are wrong. Sometimes, we aren't sure but we have this gut thing that says we should say something. Still other times we are just right. Our society, for way too long, has had the pendulum swung so far over to relativism that even the things that we are 99% positive about life, no longer seem so iron clad. The fact is, we know the difference between right and wrong. Even when we don't know what the problem is, sometimes we just need catalysts to help us get the spark to set the fire.
  3. We are hardcore Matthew 7 believers. - Don't hear me saying that we shouldn't observe the truth that Jesus teaches about in the Sermon on the Mount. However, we need to learn how to identify our hypocrisy and still be willing to help our brothers and sisters out. When the log is removed, then we can see clearly to help them out too!
  4. We are afraid of the repercussions. - Paul didn't tell us to speak with a spirit of timidity, but in boldness. Step up and step out! Realize that no matter what the cost is, if you can be heard, then you can be a part of a person's refinement and ultimate sharpening as they prepare to do the ministry of Jesus Christ.
Ultimately, this is birthed out of the idea that seems to permeate throughout the Church and that is that we shouldn't make anyone mad and get them upset about what's going on in their lives. The obvious thing to remember here is that we need to have some level or relationship in order to truly have the space to be heard when it comes to calling out things in a persons life (look for an upcoming Humble Lessons in Communication on being heard). So, it's time to step up and do that.

This is especially critical in a small group. Here is a place that is established for the main purpose of growing together and challenging each other. I think of my college small group. We didn't have a "adult leader" that would sit and challenge us and direct the conversation. We actually had to engage in conversation, share the things going on in our lives and allow each other to hear the hard things that needed to be said. At times it wasn't easy, but over time, we were better because of it.

What about you? Who are those people that are in your life? Who's life are you speaking truth into?


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