January 12, 2010

A Very Busy Time of the Year...

I'm soon going to be heading into a very busy season of the year with all of the things that God is putting in front of me. But tonight, I have two thoughts that really depict where God has led and prepared me for and what this season has potential to be.

1. This is exactly what I have been looking forward to.
That sounds so counterintuitive to what someone should ever want, but for a very long time in my life, I have desired to do things like the important people in the world do. I wanted to speak at huge conferences, lead huge events that change the world and impact the lives of thousands. With the stuff that I am going to be tackling, I am going to be doing all of those things. You will hear about some of these in the coming days and how you can beat pray for me and our team as we press on in these things. What I realize is that the things that I am going to be participating in may not seem like they are directly affecting the world, or speaking to huge crowds or impacting thousands, but everything that I am doing, I am just PART of something so much more significant that we will do all of the above. And sometimes it takes realizing what God has purposed for you to recognize the Good that he can do when we give him our little part.

2. To much is given, much is required.
I feel that in this season, I have been given a lot of responsibility to help make the wheels turn on a couple of things. Lots of responsibility. More than I have ever had before. Because of that, I remember an old addage that, I believe, John Wesley stood by: More activity, More Prayer. That isn't direct, but the idea is that there is absolutely NO WAY that I am going to accomplish all of these things or to the level of excellence that they need to attain, on my own or by my own strength. It will only be because of Christ in me and in those on the team that I work with that God will be glorified in all of this. That said, I plan to be on my knees for a good portion of my life in this next season.

Would you join me?

In the coming days, I will highlight one of the activities that I will be helping lead or coordinate or be a involved with. Would you join me in praying for our team and specifically, my involvement in them? This is a season that I may begin to see my role in ministry come to light and my ability to allow Christ to use me will be imperative. Join me in begging for His presence as we attempt to bring Him glory and fame.

Thanks for your support ahead of time! I can't wait to see what comes out of this season!

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