January 12, 2010

Hoops of Hope

One of the major things that I am participating in is our Hoops of Hope event. On February 6th, Students, Cheerleaders and Players will join forces to help stem the tide of HIV/AIDS in Africa. A huge amount of K-12 graders will come together in the spirit of changing the current environment in Africa.

Players will shoot.
Cheerleaders will cheer.
Students will make the whole thing come together.

What is so cool about this whole thing is that our students will be multiplying their efforts by facilitating this event for the players. In the midst of that multiplication is the ability to be a part of something more significant than themselves for both the Upward participants and the students.

Ways to pray for Hoops of Hope:
-As players and cheerleaders approach their 10 people to ask, the heart of the event will be expressed as we attempt to help others GAIN awareness of the situation.
-Students will catch onto the vision of helping others be a part of something bigger than themselves.
-Parents that may not normally see this as an important event will see the impact that it has on the world and see Jesus through it all.
-That as we set out to help those in need, the Kingdom would be mobilized.

This is going to be a great time and you can read more about the Collision that it has presented on Derry's blog, here.

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