January 27, 2010

Tonight and a number of things...

Tonight we continue to venture into the depths of salvation and the aspect of GRACE. What does GRACE do in our lives? I'm really excited about tonight and the freedom that I feel God is calling us to experience.

Along the same lines, yesterday, I took a quick, informal poll of the people who happened to be in the Student Ministries Office at the time on how they would describe GRACE in one word or phrase. I was struck by one of the responses that came from a number of people; FREE. I think that it is interesting that we call it a free thing. I guess as I continue to study GRACE, I am struck by the cost that it took to make it free for me. As my former economics teacher used to say, "There's no such thing as a free lunch." Of course he was referencing the Law of Scarcity in Economics, however, I see a law of scarcity evident in the economics of grace. Grace isn't free. It's incredibly deep cost was paid for by a being that was completely and utterly perfect in character and nature. It was a debt that was covered by the One who had no debt. Have we forgotten that cost as we consider Grace? Have we forgotten the price that had to be paid, in order for us to recognize a true, redemptive relationship with Jesus Christ and God our Father that includes a connection with the Holy Spirit?

I realize that I am on a bit of a soapbox with that, but even the interchangeable words of "free" and "gift" completely change the context of Grace. Reasons for why we don't see a gift as something more profound can be explained in many ways, but I am convinced that we need to begin to see Grace as something that is given to us. Paul explained to Timothy that "the grace of our Lord was poured out on me..." and that it came from his faith and love in Jesus Christ. This grace is given to us because of a cost. I pray that I continue to see that revelation in my life.

In other news, a friend of mine just recently found out that her dad is going to be entering a battle for his life as he is going up against cancer. He went in today for biopsies to see how advanced the cancer is and where to go from here. As my mom marks one year of clean tests and no cancer, would you lift up my friend's dad? As we celebrate a year of victory over this dreaded disease, would you celebrate in prayer? Thanks.

See you tonight!

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