December 4, 2009

Friendship Fridays: Allow People Not to Like You

This week, we start with a little video from a great man of God and a former professor of mine, Bob Laurent.

DB puts things so well here. When it comes to being in true community and in Christ-focused relationships, we have to be willing to be in conflict sometimes. If we desire to spur each other on to Christ and closer to Christ, then we have to be willing to have people that don't like us. How many times have you avoided a conversation with someone that you considered your closest friend, because you were afraid of how they might react?

Christ-focused friendships don't worry about the things that could happen here and make sure that both people are focused on what's most important in the long run. It is so much more about the eternal ramifications than anything that we could do on this earth.

So, today, don't be afraid to call out that person that needs to be called out and give them the chance to choose to not like you. If they have given you license to talk with them openly about things, then it is most nearly your responsibility to do so. May you be brave today and allow Him to work through you.

p.s. Thanks to Corey Mann for the video.

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