November 14, 2009

Get ticked! It's definitely worth it?

What drives you? What gets you going? Gets you really fired up?

For me its a lot of things: Bethel Sports, Bears Football, Purdue Basketball, sports in general, but also Spiritual Apathy, let's just say apathy in general.

See I am convinced that we will put what fires us up the most at the forefront of our mind and it will grind our gears until we see change. The question that is raised in my mind today is this: What do we do when we get fired up about something? Is what we get fired up about even worth getting fired up about?

Recently, on a disc golfing expedition from the home of "El Diablo" as it has been deemed (Hole #8 at Baugo-Ferretti Park), we were playing a game called "Bingo." If you want details on how to play, ask Jeff Simpson. The jist of it is, you see a yellow vehicle on the road and you call "Bingo." That person receives one point for their moment of spectacular eyesight, and the game goes on. Also in this game is the moment when someone spots a Police Officer and calls, "Cop." Because of this persons amazing ability to avoid Law Enforcement, they get to send one player to the cleaners to wash up and come back with zero points. This person is usually then berated for a number of minutes and shown distinct scrutiny the rest of the game by the individual that they awarded the cop to. Now that you know the game, I can elaborate on my story.

I am a very competitive person when it comes down to it. I like to be competitive and I really like winning. Traditionally, I have been a pretty sore loser when it comes down to it. So, we are coming back from "Dante's Inferno," a.k.a. Baugo, and Corey decides to join Jeff and I in taking the game rather seriously. You join us when Corey has 4 points, I have two and Jeff has like 2 points. Clearly this has been a pretty good game and Corey is making a run for the money. We come closer to Wakarusa and Jeff spots a Waky Cop (A rare sighting since there are like 2 or 3... ok on duty.). Now contrary to popular Strategery, Jeff calls the Cop on me and not Corey. Clearly, this gets me really fired up! So, I look down Waterford Street and notice the Nappanee Cop that lives down the road and I call it. In a close decision it is decided that I called the cop and because of my clear angst, I award Jeff with the prize of no points. Travel up the road a couple miles and come to Jeff and I being tied at 1 point a piece and there is one more "for sure" bingo left (for sure because a bus driver lives just off of SR 19).

We both get into position to call the Bingo.

It gets really tense in the car.

Because of his angle, Jeff calls Bingo first.

And then I shout an explicative.

Now, clearly this was a lapse of my judgement, self-control and character. And I regret the fact that it happened. However, I am reminded of a bit of truth out of the whole situation.

In the heat of the moment of something that you are passionate about or greatly intense in accomplishing, how do you react when things don't go your way? How do you treat people that may hinder your progress? When the going gets tough... do the tough get going? Or do they just complain and make excuses? And, probably most basic, is it worth it to get so fired up about whatever you are getting fired up about?

In this case, I answer the last question with, "Of course not." And because of that, I get slightly frustrated by the fact that I slipped up. I am thankful for the Grace of God!

May we be passionate in the things that God is passionate about and less passionate about the things of this world.

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