November 5, 2008

A Question...

This night has be wondering why many of the people around me say what they say and act the way that they do. Here's the deal: If we truly believe that our God is a sovereign God, then why do we think that we have the right to challenge that?

If we have the same ideals the morning of November 5th that we did November 4th and we truly believe in the same things, then how can we make comments like, "is speakless and doesn't know what to say...maybe "Heil Obama" and i really hope that it doesn't come true." or update a public status to say, " is disappointed in the country that he loves." Both of these from people who I know personally and have had conversations about ministry, about the place that God has in our lives, and how He is always in control.

Or there is the other side of the coin: "
is way to go Obama. Let's start fixing things. Oh, and comlaining about Obama winning does nothing but make you seem unpatriotic." Hmmm... or "...." well forget it... I am sick to my stomach in the comments that are being FLIPPANTLY made... I realize that I am narrowing my search to my friends on a social networking site and that half of them probably aren't true. But read this then let me ask you a question: "is not liking the election results, but praying that God will give the man some wisdom so he doesn't screw up like he promised to do in his campaign speeches..."

Would you be this committed to prayer for your leaders if the "conservative choice" would have won? Would you have been so quick to say that you were fleeing this liberalism and falling of liberty if someone else would have won? Would you be so quick to call this President the Anti-Christ if you were to realize just how ignorant that comment actually is? Can you honestly tell me without a shadow of a doubt, in real conversation that requires face-to-face communication, that we are all going to Hell in a Handbasket and that our country should simply cease to exist?

I am appalled at how grousely ignorant we are when it comes to issues that won't matter come next week. Let's be real honest with ourselves. Do we TRULY trust in His sovereignty? Can you answer that with a resounding yes?

You see, I fail to see the point of Christians to say that this is the beginning of the end when it is our policy to have a level head on this. These things that are paramount to the world, are to be completely irrelevant to us. Can we not see this? Jesus said this himself! In John Jesus teaches how we are not of the world and that we are to be a light to all the world so that they may see the truth. What kind of truth are we spreading by saying that we have no choice but to believe that this election in one country marks the end of the world as we know it? What are the people to believe?

Do we understand that we are to be a city on a hill and that everything that we do will be seen by all that we come into contact with? COME ON PEOPLE! We are not talking in literary terms here. This is the real, tactful sense of life. We are watched. If we claim, in anyway to be a Christian or a Christ-follower or whatever-you-want-to-call-yourself-that-means-a-disciple-of-Christ-to-some-degree, WE ARE BEING WATCHED! If we do nothing but freak out when our country is experiencing, probably the very thing that it needs to experience in order to come to some sense of reconciliation in its drive to become a true melting pot, then what are people to think?

I recently wrote on this idea of masks and of what it looks like to have a persona or attitude that doesn't allow our REAL self to come out. Well, America, if this is our real self as a "Christian Nation," I've got some real issues. I don't think that I would be the only one to have said issues.

I challenge all of us, myself included, to realize that this is a huge step for all of the peoples of our nation. Do we realize the history that we are living; we are making? The moon was a small step for man and a giant leap for mankind. This election is the culmination of a dream that millions have lost their lives for. This election marks the beginning of a new era in American Society.

How does your mindset change if Barak Obama was Republican? Does it? Does it make it easier to swallow since it would be your party that would be electing the first black president to the office?

Am I jumping for joy that this man was elected to office? No. As can be seen in a previous post, I voted for John McCain in hopes that he would bring his knowledge, experience and expertise to the Oval Office. However, I feel that the backlash from those around me is outlandish and ridiculous. I think that we can do much better. I think that we know that too.

I will be blogging more on this later... but for now this is what you get... may you have many thoughts.

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