September 15, 2008

A New Direction...

I have decided to take a new direction in the dating thing. I'm done being in charge of it. I have decided that the best and most healthy thing to do at this point in my life, is to be myself, love everyone to the point of overwhelming :)... and just let God work through other people and dreams to give me some insight as to that individual.

Also, since I have begun to post regularly, I have decided to make it a point to post good stuff as well as stuff that doesn't always matter in order to post everyday.

That said, the Fellowship was pretty good tonight... Love you Kory-man... thanks for being a humble servant of Christ.

Tonight we discussed what it means to be lukewarm. Tonight's talk was based on a similar chapter in Francis Chan's, Crazy Love. Pastor Derry Prenkert has a great breakdown of this book here. The biggest thing to remember after Sunday Night's message is this: Revelation 3:15-18 tells us that Jesus is going to spit the lukewarm people right out of his mouth. He will literally "gag" and you will come out of his mouth. What does this mean big picture? NO ETERNAL LIFE WITH HIM! This next week will be a talk on the profile of the obsessed and what we can do to better ourselves. How do we become obsessed with the God that is obsessed with reconciling us to Him?

Food for thought. Join us on Sunday Nights if you are brave enough ;)


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