July 28, 2008

the Future

I was driving to The Cove today and began thinking about my future. Not just occupations, friends, or how in the world I am going to make all of the ends meet that need to be met. My thoughts today centered around something that has consumed me at times in my life and this blog post is basically a way for me to resist allowing that to happen by inviting accountability for this situation.

I was recently having a nice conversation with a couple that is pretty dear to my heart, whether they know it or not, and we were talking about many different things, but we hit on a topic that has some resounding effects with me. It somehow came up that one thing that I fear is never finding "that girl" as my Grandpa Cocanower might put it. It is a situation that I feel has been something of importance to me and I wonder if it is because I have put so much pressure and weight on the individual that I will possibly marry someday to be a ministry partner and one that will be able to assist, support, and be a part of the ministry that God places me in. I also wonder if I am just impatient with the whole situation. I hope not. I need to think more on this, but comments are suggested on this matter.

In other ministry news, I have a really busy day tomorrow and somehow I have to plan the Bible Study for tomorrow night as well as be creative with the things that I come up with for the Fall.

Also, I am very seriously and pretty much accepted the role of Jr. High Intern at NMC for the Fall and Spring. I am very excited about this opportunity to learn and build into a bunch of students. So thanks for this opportunity!

Finally, I am so excited for the School Year approaching, I can hardly contain myself... more on that later..

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