July 18, 2008

Camp Reflections

In the few short weeks that I have been here at NMC, I have had the opportunity to speak, build relationships, and learn from some of the greatest men of faith I have met in my short 22 years of existence. With that all said, nothing could be more uplifting, wrecking, personally challenging, or life-changing as the past few days that I have had the opportunity to spend with Jr. Highers and Sr. Highers at Summer Camp. I have been blessed to be able to experience one or two camp-type of events or times in my life, but none comes even close to the time I had in Ohio.

Jr. High Camp was all about teaching me about ministry and different ways that things would need to change in order for me to be successful in the current system. I learned so much about planning and preparation for disaster that I think I would be ready to survive ANOTHER hurricane. J I can’t believe how much has to go into rerouting the plan to fit the conditions of the setting.

Sr. High camp was all about me exercising what I feel, God has called me to; working with High School and College-Age students in pursuing Christ with all of their heart. The amazing thing that in finding these answers, I was also pushed by Pastor Derry to examine my own life; to look introspectively and realize that I am in need of some sacrifice in order to fully catch what God has planned for me. Senior High camp gave me some perspective. I feel myself being more and more intro-flective about many topics of my life.

Over the next few days and weeks, I am going to be featuring a few individuals that are affecting my life in a positive way that I can look up to and have been changed by. This is going to be fun for me and hopefully a positive thing for you.

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