July 3, 2008


I recently spoke to the Young Adults on Sunday Night at the Effect and briefly touched on the beauty that God has created and the way that that beauty reflects His love for us. I am currently sitting in my box at the ballpark and can't help but realize the beauty of even the grass on the ground. Granted, our grass is finely groomed and is mowed in certain patters to make it feel as if the grass is even more beautiful, but how wonderful grass is. Not to mention the trees around the ballpark. We are so blessed to have objects as beautiful as trees that take the carbon dioxide that would do nothing but kills us and turns it into something that we can't live without. That seems absolutely amazing.

I could go on and on about the way that God blesses us with the beauty of the earth and yet I would be so far from detailing the way that God loves us. He is this humongous God that has the ability to create trees, water, seas, animals, humans, planets, galaxies, the universe. The God that loves His people so much, and yet he wants a relationship with each and every one of us. I just can't ignore the beauty of God and how he is reflected in everything that he creates.

I just want to take this moment and thank everyone for their support and prayers as I venture through this internship and balance that with my job at the Cove and the umpiring commitments that I have. I know that I have been much better off because of your prayers.

I thank Him for the people
I thank Him for the opportunities
I thank Him for the love
that He has provided for me
to mature and become more like Him
who gave His life for me

Praise to the One that saves me.

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