June 19, 2008

Preteen Fun

So last night was the first night that I have ever spoken to Preteens and let me tell you! They are a handful and a half when it comes to trying to keep a focus and making a message. Seriously. I guess I should restate that to there are a certain number of Preteens that are crazy and there are a certain number of Preteens that are very mature about the whole thing. Nevertheless, it was kinda rough. I just hope that some of them or at least one of them got the point that when we are tempted we should begin to look back into the Word.

So that is the update for today. But I do have a thought about something that we were talking about in our Bible Study on Tuesday night. What does really mirroring the image of Jesus actually look like? Maybe some words to describe the one that I strive to resemble? Perhaps I will discuss this at a later time, but just something to ponder.

Responses Welcome! :)

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