November 8, 2011

For Whose Namesake?

Have you ever stopped and considered what's in a name?

Psalm 23:3 doesn't read the way it does because God simply wants to make David righteous. There is no doubt that this is part of God's mission to bring his People back to him. However, he does it for his name's sake. There is weight there. There is weight in the way that Jesus relates the reaction of the world to his disciples. There is weight in the life that Paul lived and when I say his name, we know that weight. And I'm not sure we grasp that very easily or very well.

There are many in this country who have taken to making a name for themselves. I am not innocent from this desire or vain ambition. It seems that a growing trend in the world is to make an individual mark on the world by dancing to a different beat or making my life stand for, or represent, something great, something significant. We want to live for our own name's sake. And frankly, I'm sick of seeing the Church try and do the same thing.

The Church has begun to do what it can to make a name for itself, both individually and collectively. We lift up worship leaders, worshippers, churches, and speakers to a level of unhealth that mimics, if not personifies, idolatry. We strive to proclaim the name of _________ church or _______________ (insert your favorite "Christian" artist or speaker). And we have gravely missed the point.

I recently downloaded a new song that we have been singing at my church called "Great I Am" by New Life Worship. We started singing it when its writer, Jared Anderson, came to my church. I love the lyrics of this song because it forces us to proclaim our love for the Name that is truly above all names.

I am committing to live for a Name other than my name.

Geoffrey Cocanower doesn't free sinners.
Geoffrey Cocanower doesn't feed the hungry.
Geoffrey Cocanower doesn't provide strength to the weak.
Geoffrey Cocanower didn't die on the Cross at Cavalry.
Geoffrey Cocanower isn't seated at the right hand of God.

People don't bow at the name of Geoffrey Cocanower.
People won't bow at the name of Geoffrey Cocanower.
Demons don't shudder at the name of Geoffrey Cocanower.
Satan doesn't tremble at the sound of Geoffrey Cocanower.

His name is Jesus.
His name is I Am.
His name moves mountains.
His name sets the captive free.
His name is worthy to be praised.

"For you are my rock and my fortress; and for your name's sake you lead me and guide me;" - Psalm 31:3

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mindi jo said...

My new fav song. Thanks for the reminder.